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Advanced Elements Inflatable kayaks, inflatable SUPs and paddlesports accessories.
Advanced Elements Inflatable kayaks, inflatable SUPs and paddlesports accessories

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Marco Esteban Perez, Adventure Traveler

Amabassador Marco catching fish

Location: Spain


  • Models paddled: AdvancedFrame, AdvancedFrame Expedition, AirFusion.
  • Water that he paddles: Lakes, Coastal/Ocean, Bays and Estuaries, Whitewater, Slow Moving Rivers.
  • What he uses his yaks for: Adventure Travel, Multi-Day Expeditions, Whitewater.

Since he was a boy, Marco has always been an enthusiast of the outdoors and, as an adventure traveler, the one common denominator of his many travels and adventures is always nature. Combining his love for photography with his love of kayaking and trekking, he has paddled many places such as the Canary and Balearic Islands, Norway, France, Italy, and Spain. Of all of the places he has paddled, his favorites are the Balearic Islands and the rivers of the Pyrenees mountains.

Favorite AE Story:
During the month of September, I completed a 247 mile solo trip paddling and trekking the incredibly beautiful Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. The Norwegian coast is typically very rainy, but on this trip, I somehow got lucky and managed to find very good weather. It is an easy place to get around, with constant flights there and a steady stream of busses that connect the airport to all of the towns. The people are very friendly and, as long as you ask, they are willing to let you stay in their boat houses. The Lofoten Islands are a sight to see; many of the mountains are over 3,000 feet tall and fall right into the sea. The sea here is so rich with life and the water is so clear that it really invites you to go for a swim although, at a water temperature of 52 degrees, it’s a bit cold! I experienced many things on this trip but some of the highlights were watching sea birds diving to catch fish, hiking on Flakstadoya Island, coming across a very playful otter, a seal playing hide and seek with my kayak, the first snowfall in the mountains, and visiting Reine a typical fishing village that was hanging cod out to dry in the wind.


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