AE Stowable Kayak Dolly - AE3010

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AE Stowable Kayak Dolly - AE3010

Post by NW Bill » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:11 pm

Advanced Elements Stowable Kayak Dolly - AE3010 ( ... ly-ae3010/)

A couple of things folks considering getting the AE Stowable Kayak Dolly (AE3010) should be aware of.

1) If you have two kayaks, if you can securely strap them together they can be stacked and transported together. When we are kayaking with guests, my partner and I use an AE3010 to transport an AE Convertible DS ( ... -ae1007ds/) and a similarly sized AquaGlide Columbia XP Tandem XL ( ... -paddlers/) strapped one atop the other, with paddles, pfds, etc, stowed inside the upper kayak. Pushing and steering the kayaks from the rear with the AE3010 mounted under the front half of the kayaks seems to work best. It is vital to make sure the AE3010 is tightly strapped to the kayaks to avoid having it slip out of position and make keeping the assembly on track almost impossible (where we usually launch requires negotiating a couple of turns, so for us accurate tracking is important).

2) The AE3010 uses tubed tires that need to be inflated before use (new, they are not inflated). On the AE3010 I bought the valve stems on both wheels were short/recessed enough in the wheels that getting my bicycle pump to attach was not possible. I added a couple of standard valve extenders ( ... 487511_0_0) from a local auto parts store, which solved the problem.

3) The wheels are held on the the axle with a couple of quick-clip wheel retainer pins/locking lynch pins; after a wheel is slid onto the axle, a locking lynch pin is inserted into a hole through the axle between the wheel and the end of the axle, and the lynch pin ring snapped around the axle end to keep the pin from falling out. On the AE3010 I bought, there was not quite enough clearance between the wheel and the hole in the axle to fit the lynch pin once a wheel was mounted. The problem on my AE3010 appears to be that the permanently attached collar which keeps the wheel from sliding too far inward is mounted a bit too far outboard, or possibly that the AE3010 manufacturer changed to slightly wider wheels without adjusting the placement of the collar and/or the lynch pin holes.

The best thing to do, if possible, is to check to make sure the wheels can be mounted and the lynch pins inserted on the AE3010 you are buying before taking it home. If you buy it online, as I did, and there is inadequate clearance the AE3010 needs to be modified. It would be possible but difficult to move the collars. The holes for the lynch pins can be enlarged (enlongated would be best), but unless you have a drill press it would be difficult to align the holes, especially since it requires drilling on a rounded surface. Narrowing the (plastic) wheels would be possible, but difficult to do evenly with hand tools. I chose to file down the width of the lynch pins (flattening them on one side) so they would fit through the existing holes with the wheel in place. Had that not worked, my fallback plan was to buy a couple of appropriately sized aluminum or stainless steel (these will get wet) locking lynch pins, wire lock pins, or hitch pin clips (aka hair pin clips), depending on the sizes locally available (for examples, see ... 5yc1vZc2d3). Cotter pins would also work, but would hinder the ability to easily remove the wheels when folding the cart flat for storage on the kayak deck, and repeated bending of the cotter pin to install/remove the wheels would soon break the cotter pin.

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Re: AE Stowable Kayak Dolly - AE3010

Post by JCOOLEY » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:28 am

Thank you for your post in regards to item AE3010 Kayak Dolly.

The issue had been addressed as we found the factory increased the size of the wheel hub which made it difficult for the pin to fit through the hole. Most of the carts that had this issue had the wheels swapped out with wheels that have a smaller hub so that the pin can slide through the hole in the frame with ease. Some may have shipped out before the problem was discovered. If anyone had received one, we have replace the cart with a corrected one or we sent new wheels when we had them. This issue was a couple of years ago and all current production is correct. If anyone still receives one of the carts that has the wheel with the larger hub that will not allow the pin to fit into the hole properly, we are happy to replace it at no charge.

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