Naples by Moonlight

Trips that you have taken, planned, are planning etc. and suggested paddle locations.

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Naples by Moonlight

Post by nezumitori » Sun Jun 03, 2007 12:23 pm

Living in Southern California, I am totally enjoying the portablility of my Advance frame. I convinced a friend to get one and we took them out during the blue moon in May. We launched from Mother's Beach right before sunset and cruised the canals and the bay's entrance. It was a beautiful sight and I was grateful that We weren't renting so there was no time constraint. The traffic was low since it was a weekday. the water was still and the moon was something else.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on where I can paddle in southern California? I live in Anaheim and so far San Diego is a trek, and the only convenient ones I've been to are Newport and Long Beach.
Would appreciate any sugggestios.

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