Lagoon 2 - paddle leash attachment?

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Lagoon 2 - paddle leash attachment?

Post by ctts » Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:37 pm

I am thinking of getting this paddle leash to use with the Lagoon 2: ... Leash.html

The video shows that one end is secured to a metal loop on the hard shell kayak in the video. Does the Lagoon 2 have a secure attachment point for the paddle, without significant risk of the whole thing tearing off the kayak? I need to get 4 paddle leashes, and just want to make sure it will work well with the Lagoon 2 before I spend $12 x 4.

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Post by PJohanson » Thu Jul 23, 2015 9:19 am

For my Lagoon single, I tie my paddle leash to either the plastic loop at the bow end of the cockpit, or to the bungee cord criss-crossed on the deck. My paddle leash is a length of slim line 12 feet long, doubled. I tie one doubled end to the kayak in a bowline or a clovehitch with a half hitch, and the other to the paddle in a clovehitch with a half hitch. This is a knot I can untie with one hand (easy with practise).
I got the line at Mountain Equipment Co-op: it's a slim black cord with a reflective ScotchBrite thread in it. I double it because a paddle leash can be taken off and used for other purposes or cut in two and shared with another person.

My friends who took a course in crossing currents had an incident where one of the students flipped and the paddle went haywire and wrapped the leash round his neck. Luckily he had a knife on his PFD and the taut leash was cut quickly!
The instructor used the experience as a teachable moment. In her opinion, a leash in rough conditions can be a tangle hazard around a paddler's neck, so the instructor always carries a spare paddle on her deck instead when she's going out to play in the currents.
I don't play in the big waves and currents like she does, so I DO use a paddle leash. And I always carry a knife.
I recommend before investing in commercial leashes to improvise a few leashes from cheap cord on hand, and to practise flipping over in safe conditions with friends on a safety day at a safe beach. Safety practise taught me that how my Lagoon flips is different from a hardshell recreational kayak! And having my paddle partners right there made me feel secure that if I got tangled or had other kinds of problems.

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