stuff carrying on expedition (and others)

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stuff carrying on expedition (and others)

Post by wildtripper » Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:29 am

Hi everybody!
I'm searching for a kayak that could be used for multiday trips on the sea/lakes and on easy rivers (max II° WWW).

I cannot get a clear idea about the capacity to store stuff.
Can somebody help me!?
How much room can I use inside the kayak and how much weigth can i put outside on the deck!?
Does the backbone take away storage capacity, and how much!?

How much is the difference between expedition and airfusion from the strorage capacity point of view?

are there videos or photos or detailed description of a trip with the carried stuff!?
best regards,

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Post by NaturalPath » Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:38 am

Hello Wildtripper, I would think that the Expedition would be your best bet, although I do multi-day trips in my AdvancedFrame. Also, I wouldn't rule out the Lagoon2. It's a two person kayak, but that front cockpit can hold a lot of cargo, with only one person paddling it. The best thing is to get most of the heavier cargo inside the kayak, and put some lighter stuff on the front and rear decks. The AdvancedFrame I have does not have a lot of inside cargo space, but I make do with what it does have. The Expedition should have a fair bit more space inside.
I don't believe the backbone would take up any cargo space, since it's positioned underneath the inflatable floor. However, I would question the need for a backbone on all but the longest kayak, such as the Convertible, unless you are an exceptionally heavy person.
As far as 'how much' stuff you can pack, well, a lot depends on how good you are at packing, and what kind of stuff you will be bringing. I try to use the lightest, most compact equipment I can afford but, if I can get enough gear into, and on, an AdvancedFrame for a week long trip, I'm sure you could do the same, in a more comfortable manner, with an Expedition, or a Lagoon2.
My son puts his full size multi-day backpack into the front cockpit of his Firefly2/Lagoon2 and he still has room for more inside the kayak. I was really impressed with the way this setup handled. On the other hand, when I load my AdvancedFrame up, I can certainly feel the weight of the stuff I need to put on the decks, although it is manageable in moderate conditions.
I do have pics showing my loaded AdvancedFrame, and my son's loaded Firefly2/Lagoon2. Here they are;



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Post by JCOOLEY » Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:46 pm

Expedition has a lot of room for very long trips. Week+.
Fusion has less but check this out..

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Post by wildtripper » Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:52 am

Thanks to everybody. I already considered a 2 people kayak but the thing is it's a slower and heavier kayak.
From the photo i see it's seems that there could be enough space.

Thanks JCOOley for the link. The guy of the expedition is mine friends's friend and i already had some long phone conversations with him. The expedition they did was wonderfull. That kayak is very fast, but i prefer a slower one but having some more space.

If you know some more links please post them.

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Post by NaturalPath » Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:38 am

Actually, the Lagoon2(37lbs) is lighter than the Expedition(42lbs) and, as far as speed goes, my son had no trouble keeping up to me in my AdvancedFrame and my brother in his hard canoe. I, too, expected to be waiting for him, but that was just not the case.
I'm also keeping my eye out to buy another AdvancedElements kayak just for camping purposes, and I would not flinch at buying a Firefly2/Lagoon2, in place of an Expedition. Of course, I would buy an Expedition also, but I now know that either one would be an excellent choice for multi-day trips. In fact, I'm kinda leaning more towards the F2/L2 because I feel that it is easier to load and unload through the cockpit, than an Expedition would be. Plus, you also have the option of using the kayak double up, if you happen to have a friend who wants to go out kayaking for the day. This makes the F2/L2 choice more versatile.

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Post by PJohanson » Sat Aug 03, 2013 5:42 pm

I'm delighted with my Expedition. It was terrific for kayak camping for several days on the Red Deer River -- check out my post in the Forum!
I also wrote about the trip on my blog at ... river.html where you can see some photos.
Bottom line is, inside the kayak I fit all my gear: a tent, sleeping bag, drybag of clothes, drybag of food for a week, several waterbags, as well as a bilge pump, two air pumps, the kayak storage bag, and a folding luggage roller. Only thing I put on the deck was a throw bag of rope and a short line tied to the front handle.
I didn't use the BackBone during this trip on Class 1 water, to reduce the weight of my kayak (I'm small). Some paddlers prefer to have a BackBone to reduce the chance of having the river bend your boat around a rock -- but that bending can happen to any canoe or kayak if the current is strong enough.

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