purchase of expedition

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purchase of expedition

Post by raw10128 » Wed May 21, 2008 10:26 am

I have an af convertible for about a year and i love it. however lately my wife has not been going with me so i end up using it as a single which is not a problem. i mainly paddle in the ocean and small lakes. I am seriously thinking about purshasing the expedition for myself. it is lighter, a little shorter and from what i hear performs well. i was wondering if the extra cost would be worth it in terms of the differnces between the expedition vs using my af convertibel as a single. What would be the advantages or disadvantage over the af convertible? thank you all, in advance for your opinions. if i purchase the expedition i would use it when i go out paddling by myself.

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Post by JCOOLEY » Wed May 21, 2008 11:34 am

As you stated, the Expedition is lighter. The difference in weight is about 14 lbs. The Advanced Frame single is also a good option for you. The weight difference between that and the Convertible is 20 lbs. All the Advanced Frame line up can handle the ocean and lakes. The Expedition does offer a little more than the Advanced Frame and the Convertible. The bow and stern of the Expedition are thinned out a little more making those areas narrower to allow for better tracking and speed. It also comes with the Lumbar Seat to give better support for you Lumbar area for those longer paddle trips. It also has a lot more storage space than the ADvanced Frame but not as much as the Convertible if the Convertible is being paddled solo.
If you wanted to improve the performance of the Convertible so that you didn't have to spend the extra money on the expedition, I would suggest getting the backbone. It will improve the tracking because it creates a V shape to the hull of the kayak. It also helps stiffen the kayak up more.
Because of the length of the Expedition, it is a little easier to paddle than the Convertible. The longer the kayak, the more you have to push around. But it is only a 2 foot difference.
I hpe this aids in your decision. If you have further questions, please post here or email us directly at Advanced Elements.


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