af convertible as a solo vs expidetion

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af convertible as a solo vs expidetion

Post by raw10128 » Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:16 pm

Can anyone tell me the difference in performance for the af convertible as a solo vs the epedition, regarding tracking, speed and manuerability, without or with backbones. i uaw mainly in the ocean.

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Exp vs. AEC

Post by Ryker » Sat May 30, 2009 9:55 pm

I’m a little surprised no one else has commented on your post. Sounds like you and I are trying to make the same decision. I currently have an AF 10.5 with a homemade backbone and am looking for more leg and “cargoâ€￾ room (I’m 6’3â€￾ and 225). I’m not all that knowledgeable but have now paddled all three, sort of…..

I was recently at an REI demo paddle day on a flat water no wind day and I test paddled the Expedition and then later the Convertible (solo) for about 15 minutes each. Neither had a backbone or a foot brace and the AEC did not have a deck and was slightly underinflated. Unfortunately, it was not a complete apples-to-apples test as I had to use somewhat different paddles with each, and there was more than an hour in between tests. (At next week’s demo day I’m taking my own paddle.) But, trying to duplicate stroke technique and effort, my GPS says there was only a couple tenths mph difference, with the Expedition slightly faster – my usual cruising effort producing about 3.8 mph; that’s a bit more than my usual 3.3-3.5 with the AF. I felt more “connectedâ€￾ to the Expedition, more like a sit-inside kayak, and I’m sure a foot brace would have helped. The AEC took a couple more strokes to get to speed, and was a little slower to turn. The AEC without a deck was a whole lot easier to get in!

I realize this is not the ocean answer you’re looking for. Right now I’m paddling a couple times a week in 10 – 20 mph winds with gusts to 30, and 1 – 2 foot wind chop. The AF is not a fun ride in this stuff. I’m not convinced the Exp or AEC would be all that much better. That being said, I’m leaning toward the AEC just to get that extra 2’ of water line and hopefully a little smoother ride in the chop. Still haven’t made a decision.

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Post by JCOOLEY » Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:18 pm

Suprised that the Expedition that was paddled didn't have the foot brace in it. It comes with it so maybe whoever set it up didn't attach it or they may have put it to far forward to where your feet couldn't reach.
AS far as the comparison, either will do the trick for what you plan on using it for. As far as ease of use, I personally would go witht he Expedition. Teh only reason I would have the Convertible would be if I was planning on paddling it Tandem with another person for at least 25% of the times that I go out. Otherwise if I plan on mainly going on solo trips, the the Expedition is the best choice. For either kayak to use for coastal paddling, you will probably want to add the backbone to give you better tracking and speed. It will definately help.


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