Simple cleaning!

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Simple cleaning!

Post by PJohanson » Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:46 pm

Yesterday I put my Dragonfly (an old version of the Lagoon) out on the lawn, slipped the inside out of the hull, and wiped it all over with an old soft towel.
Marvelous! This kayak is seven years old and still works like a charm. The big inflation chamber is a little bit stretched, but still fine. Didn't need any special cleaning materials at all, just the wet towel and a drop of dishwashing soap. Now that it's dry and clean, I'll spray the kayak lightly with 404 Protectant to protect it from sunlight. This boat gets a lot of use and is still holding up. The deck is slightly faded and the hull has a few light scratches, but mud still wipes right off every surface without any problems.

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