AE-1007 seam rip --HH-66 glue.

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AE-1007 seam rip --HH-66 glue.

Post by yaka2b » Fri May 16, 2014 2:23 pm

Hi all

Thought I should share this episode.

I live in Vancouver BC and own an AE-1007, about 4 years old and maintained in good condition.

A few weekends back , on the first of the summer session, after the long winter break, while kayaking in the bay here, the outer tube started losing pressure, we were about 1 mile from the nearest shore.

Having absolute confidence in the two-tube construction, I pumped up the inner tube and returned to the shore . The tide helped of course but we were paddling against the wind.

On examining the tubes at home , I found a small rip at the seam in the middle , right side.

My experience building SOF kayaks with PVC cloth and HH-66 vinyl glue came in handy.

HH-66 glue is great: you can let it dry fully and then position the repair patch accurately; the glue is then activated with some heat from a hair-dryer for a very very strong bond. HH-66 is available at outfits who make awnings, truck tarp covers etc.

I got repairs done a few days back; it was a bit tricky, but and am back in action, meanwhile I will be ordering a new inner tube : the AE customer service were real helpful, nice to have a spare.


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