AE AdvancedFrame vs. Stearns Yukatat vs. Sevylor Pointer K1

Get advice on which kayak may be best for you. Compare the different models. "VS."

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Post by JCOOLEY » Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:55 am

As far as the difference goes between the two models, here are the comparisons.

1. The sleeve inserts. If you do not have them on the AE1002 then they are more than likely attached to the aluminum ribs on the inside of the kayak. If you want, you can remove these and Advanced Elements can send you the inserts for the outside of the kayak. Both serve the same purpose but the inserts on the inside can crack over time from being folded up.
2. Valves. The AE1012 has the newer Spring valves for the two main valves while the older AE1002 has the Bravo valves. Both work the same way we just feel it is easier to deal with the newer valves than the older bravo valves. The Material can stretch a little around the Bravo Valve or the the valve itself may loosen over time creationg a leak between the material and the valve. There is a wrench available to tighten the valve if this happens. The AE1012 valves are welded to the tube and the only way they will leak is if you actually get a hole. The Bravo will fall into the outer cover making it a little more difficult to pull out when you go to inflate but the newer style has a locking nut taht keeps it in place to the outside cover so that it does not fall into it.
With the Bravo valve, it requires and adaptor that should of come with the kayak. The adaptor screws into the valve and the pump attachment will fit into the rubber hose. The Newer valve is designed so that the pump attachment will fit snuggle into the valve, no adaptor needed.
3. The smaller Twist valves. The older model should have blue twist valves and the newer should have orange twist valves. The blue ones are a little bit smaller and you will ahve to hold the pump attachment to it. The orange ones are a bit larger and the pump attachment should fit snuggly onto it so that you do not have to hole it in place. You may still have to but this is the intention.
Other than that, there is minor cosmetic differences. Overall weight, shape, design, is the same.


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Post by Typhon » Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:35 am

Thanks JCOOLEY. The previous owner has ordered the external inserts for me already. Inflating the previous model has proven to be a bit more of a challenge, doable, but takes about twice along.

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