Tip for protecting aluminium tubes from salt & sand

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Tip for protecting aluminium tubes from salt & sand

Post by solarstabi » Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:58 am

Plumbers' teflon tape.
Cheap & easy to use.
Wrap tubes only where they overlap or join with 2 (only) layers of teflon tape.
Start at end furthest from tube end.
Leave an inch free as a tag for tying off.
Wrap evenly up the tube to the end.
Wrap evenly down the tube to where you started.
Tie the 2 ends in a simple knot.
When assembling the tubes, be gentle and don't force it.
With gentle persuasion, the outer tube will slide over the teflon without bunching it up.
On tubes with spring-buttons, just tape over them.
When you slide the outer tube on and operate the button, the teflon tape breaks where the button is - but no big deal.
Your tube joins are now a bit tighter (only initially), but most importantly, salt and sand will have a harder time getting in.
Use also where sleeve #3 overlaps tubes #1 & #2.
Makes rotating the sleeve after pressing the button to release it work smoother & easier.
Also keeps sand out of this part better (it is under the seat & is very vulnerable to sand).
Repeat the wrap whenever doing a thorough wash and clean (not every time you pack up, in reality.
Also handy is spray-can teflon (used for hand-gun lubrication).
Spray it on, let the solvent dry, and you have a coating of teflon.
Not as robust as the tape though, I find.

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