AirFusion Bow & Stern titled ~2"

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AF Elite impossible to set up straight

Post by Srivo » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:44 am

Hi Tee Loo and AE,
very nice picture- but I can see that your set up is not quiet straight/ symmetrically. I wonder why there are no such pictures in the AE manuals helping customers to make the right set up. I've god an AF elite and I am happy with it except for one important thing. I am not able to set it up straight/symmetrically! It is annoyingly turning to one side! I tried to find some tips here but can't see anything that helps. I checked various times the whole set up, pole and chamber positions, Velcro line up etc. and after about 20 try's I can't think of anything else to do. I would be glad for some help and I really think that AE have still some work to do to make the set up impossible to go wrong. For example- thwarts with a shape where the pole and air chambers fit into- so that wrong set up is impossible, Air chamber ends in the same shape as bow and stern etc.
Otherwise the Kayak is great!
Thanks for any tips, better instructions and pictures of how to set up right!

Tee Loo wrote:Hi,

This is a picture of my FUS inside with thwart removed.
What you can see, is that the top part of the top tubes velcro is detached and V-shaped to give space to the top bow pole. This happens naturally as the tubes inflate and get a round shape (the velcro obviously cannot stay attached)

Same for the bottom

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