Looks great, but product pages need improvement

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Looks great, but product pages need improvement

Post by evgenk » Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:55 am

I am going to be brutally honest here and will go straight to the point: I would not have purchased my AF Convertible if I just visited the site. There is not enough information about any of the products, but only short highlights of what's included.

Only reason why I have purchased my Advanced Elements kayak is because of hundreds of reviews available on the internet and on this message board.

I like the overall feel of your website, however in my opinion product pages should be much more descriptive and should include some diagrams of how the kayak is made and definitely some pictures and videos.

Some user reviews would help too. I am sure any of the people who posted their reviews here on this forum wouldn't mind if you posted them on your website as well. I sure wouldn't.

I saw the links to videos and photos in the Community tab but I think more pictures and videos should be available from each product page - relevant to the product being displayed.

Your products are amazing (judging by the AF Convertible that I own), but not a lot of people will bother doing as much research as I did ... they will simply buy from a vendor who has the best looking website or will go with a more known brand.

Please don't take any of this as an insult, but rather as constructive criticism :-)

And by the way, when is the next photo contest? I'd love to participate.

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