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Oklahoma's newest member!

Post by ohhhpaddleme » Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:11 am

Perhaps the only member! I'm John. Got my 1007 on a number of lakes and a couple of rivers. So far it has met the challenge with dog like aplomb. Nice stable little boat for touring.
I did one short stretch of the Arkansas in Colo. with no gear and it handled that too. OK it was September and the water was pretty low, but it did it! 8)

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Post by PJohanson » Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:46 pm

Aren't these boats GREAT for touring on lakes and quiet rivers? So much fun.

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RE: AF elite and 1012 DS

Post by rjf » Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:05 am

I own the old 1012 DS from 2012. I like it alot but wanted something with more glide and length. I bought the air fusion elite last year. I find both fit my needs. The AFE is easy to set up and can be done just as fast as the 1012, Both have advantages. Just take the time and get to know how to paddle a IK. It took several tries to get the hang of the 1012 and seat position. I read most of the posts on how to paddle a IK and that helped alot. Just fyi-

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