Can AE come up with...?

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Can AE come up with...?

Post by FrankP » Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:01 am

Would AE think about an improvement to the way the BB is placed into the AEC or any other AE kayak? Here's what I mean: when you look at folding kayaks they have a bow piece that in some way fit onto a keel that is in 2 or more pieces. They fit together and then are pushed down to stretch out the hull from the bow to the stern and then ribs fit in to hold it all together. In the case of the AEC the air tubes hold it all together.

When you add in greater stiffness with the BB or DS floor we are left with no real sure fire, works every time, no mistakes, way to insert the BB (keel). It simply is held in place with the air pressure or the tubes. While this works, it is not as simple as if you could place a bow & stern piece all the way to the end and then lock the keels in place by pushing down to lock them. When finished the keel is unlocked and pulled up and taken apart.

I have never seen a Fusion but how is it's keel bar set up? I see longrens running along the side also. They must all connect at the bow and stern in some way. Why not figure out how to make the AEC or Expedition or the single work in this hybrid way to get better stiffness and ease of assembly?

I really enjoyed the AEC last year but I see there are some issues that could be fixed to make a real well designed kayak even better.

Just my 2 cents.

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Post by Steve » Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:35 am

Hi there,

I agree the AEC is a great kayak but getting it together just right takes time, it's not a simple inflate & go kayak.

I like your idea of a backbone to slot in end to end. As it is we need to first ensure the inside ribs are in pushed firmly in place. I use the back bone but again getting it centred is touch and go. I work by feel inside & out to line it up with the keel front & back and stop a couple of times during inflation to make sure it's still centred.

I want to find a way to lock the backbone in place by gluing 4 or 5 strap along the centre line so that I can just fix it in place and set off.

Another bugbear is getting the buoyancy tanks correctly lined up inside, whereas again these could be fixed into place more logically with fixed ribs or spars.

These are small issues for me that detract from otherwise excellent kayak.


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Post by Timbo » Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:00 pm

Certainly agree with you about the BB thing , all a bit too much room for error.

This should be of some help to get it all straight , so please read this
all first including my post at the bottom of the page . ... highlight=

Assuming that the inner pvc chamber is not twisted , within the grey cover , as this will cause the outer to twist too.
First make sure that the bow and stern alu stiffeners are in place put paper
between the velcro strips , hold in place with clothes pegs.
With the kayak very slightly inflated , whilst holding the bow on the outside with one hand try to twist the grey inner in relation to the outer cover ,checking
the position to various reference points on the covers to make sure it is all straight ,then fully inflate (as per instructions in the above post! ).
Once satisfied with the alignment in all directions , remove the paper
and stick the velcro , lining up the top edges a little if possible and making sure the area of the cover , lengthwise , between the velcro strips is tight , so that
the outer cover does not pull the bow to one side whilst inflating .

Also let the hull deflate naturally and not try to draw the air out so the tubes remain locked into the bow and stern , i think the main cause of misalignment is the slight stickyness of the reverse side of the pvc cover , you can hear a rubbing sound this whilst inflating.

Too remove any creases in the grey inner tube covers after inflation , for the example the lefts side then just stand the kayak on it`s right side and push down or gently bounce it , it should then pop into position in the bow .

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Post by Amuzed2pieces » Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:52 am

It would be a good design change to allow the Bottom Bracket to mount directly to the front and back internal skegs, that way misalignment would be near impossible. It would also enhance overall rigidity slightly.

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AE Convertible is pretty good on its own!

Post by Ozinflatablekayaks » Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:35 am

Interesting all the comments about the backbone, I use the AE Convertible quite often without the backbone as I can't be bothered with the set up. It paddles just fine on its own.
Cheers, Emily.

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