AirFusion Surfing?

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AirFusion Surfing?

Post by maruby95 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:17 am

I live in the Mediterranean, and have been getting some great use out of the AirFusion. Love it. I'm expecting my skeg to come this week...looking forward to seeing the impact it will have...but here's my question. As the weather cools down around here, the chop gets rougher, with waves in the 3-5 ft range. Sometimes before or after storms it can be even heavier. I've had my other AE kayak, an Advanced Expedition in the surf, and while it swamped easily it handled it pretty well. In contrast, thinking about the AirFusion's frame in heavier surf makes me a bit nervous. And yet getting tossed around in a fiberglass or sit-atop kayak is about as fun as it gets. Very curious about AdvancedElements' position on the issue, as well as other experiences out there. What do you think? Surfable? Or will I end up with a kayak bent in half or in two pieces? Thanks!

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