The Evolution of Inflatable Kayaks

Fishbone™ EX: AE1064

Use: Racing, Touring   |   Length: 11’/ 12’6″   |   Width: 30″   |   Product Weight: 26.5 LBS. (12 KG)/ 33.5 LBS. (15.2 KG)   |   Max Weight: 230 LBS. (104 KG)/ 300 LBS. (136 KG)

Inflatable Kayak
Designed to go the distance, the Fishbone™ EX SUP features a sleek shape and unique patented displacement hull design which cuts through the water, providing optimal speed and tracking performance, and efficiently using your paddling power while out touring or racing. It features a comfortable traction pad, multiple d-rings for gear tie-down, and a central deep fin for enhanced tracking. Simply unfold and inflate and you are ready to hit the water at full speed!

Patented Displacement Hull Design
Our patented Displacement Hull Design utilizes an injection molded nose cap to push water aside and cut through the water with very little effort. This allows the
Fishbone™ EX to track more smoothly and effortlessly through the water.
Displacement Hull Design

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  • MODEL AE1064
  • AE1064 LENGTH 12’6″
  • WIDTH 30”
  • AE 1064 WEIGHT 33.5 LBS. (15.2 KG)
  • AE1064 PERSON/S 1 or 2
  • AE1064 MAX. WEIGHT 300 LBS. (136 KG)
  • AE1064 FOLDED SIZE 22” X 9” X 34”


  • High pressure 6” thick drop-stitch material allows for ultra stiff performance.
  • Raised board tip with Patented Displacement Hull Design increases performance.
  • Large traction foam area for improved grip and comfort.
  • Double layer outer skin for superior durability.
  • Durable Single-action Hand Pump with Gauge for high-pressure inflation.
  • 5 stainless steel d-rings for gear tie down and leash attachment.
  • High quality duffel bag.

Accessories Incl.

  • Single-action Pump with Gauge
  • Duffle Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • 3 Tracking Fins – 2 Standard Fins and 1 Deep Fin for enhanced tracking.
  • Paddle Sold Separately.

Paddle & Leash Options

We offer a number of different paddles to suit your needs as well as a SUP Leash to keep you safely connected to your board.

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Fishbone™ EX

Fishbone™ EX

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