Advanced Elements Inflatable kayaks, inflatable SUPs and paddlesports accessories.
Advanced Elements Inflatable kayaks, inflatable SUPs and paddlesports accessories

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How much legroom is there? Can someone who is over six feet tall stretch their legs under the cockpit?

It really depends on how you like to paddle. Are you a traditional paddler that paddles with their knees bent, or do you want your legs straight out? Here’s a pic of a 6’2″ person’s legs in the single-person Airvolution. As you can see, he can sit with his legs straight out. In the second pic, you’ll see that a paddler can also place their feet flat on the floor of the kayak and bend their knees. So, a person taller than 6’2″ could paddle the kayak comfortably with their knees slightly bent but, if you are taller than 6’2” and want to paddle with your legs straight out, you’ll want to go with the Airvolution2. It should also be noted that this is a general rule of thumb as everyone’s legs and torso vary, so some people at 6’2″ or taller may have longer legs than others and want more room.
Airvolution Leg Room

Is there a solo seating position in the Airvolution2?

Yes. The paddler can shorten the upper seat straps and use the d-rings on the side wall of the cockpit and then attach the lower seat straps to the d-rings on the floor behind the seat.

Airvolution2 seating

The AdvancedFrames seem to have more storage space, is this true? If so, where do you store your gear?

The Airvolutions do not have a ton of storage space below deck but this was not the intent of this design. The Airvolutions (single and tandem) are designed to be Recreational/Day Touring kayaks meant for shorter trips in a day. So, while there are smaller compartments under the deck, both fore and aft, these spaces are really meant for a dry bag of small items that someone might take out with them for a day of paddling. So, the bulk of your gear storage would be on the deck of the kayak, fore and aft.

Is a spray skirt available?

Not at this time, but it’s on the list!

Will there be deck conversion options available like what is offered on the AdvancedFrame Convertible?

There may be deck options in 2021, but certainly not in 2020.

I noticed the kayak only has 2-chambers, is that a safety concern?

Safety of course is our top priority and regulations/guidelines, as mandated from both the US Coast Guard and the National Marine Manufacture’s Association (NMMA) are always reviewed. While many of our kayaks are constructed of more than 2 main air chambers, this is not the case for all…The AdvancedFrame Sport or Ultralite are good examples of this. Additionally, all inflatable SUPs are only 1-chamber. Most all pack rafts are 1 chamber as well, and some popular collapsible kayaks have no air chambers at all. However, if you wanted to increase the chamber count to 3-4 for some reason you could easily add an additional air chamber under the deck with a buoyancy bag if you so desired.


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